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Formation Thermal Conductivity Testing Equipment

The best designs need the best data. The best designs need GRTI. We have pioneered new approaches and technologies in FTC testing, offering unprecedented insight for your loopfield designs. With hundreds of thousands of hours in test data and over 75 years collective industry experience, our team has built a reputation you can trust.


Galen Streich

Galen earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota State University. After graduation, Galen studied and published papers on myriad aspects of geothermal design and efficiency as a research assistant at his alma mater. Those same themes carry into Galen’s work at GRTI, emphasizing data analysis and test equipment design. Galen has also overseen bore resistance testing, as well as developed grout testing equipment.

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Chad Martin

Chad joined the GRTI team in 2001, but this was hardly the start of his journey in the world of geothermal energy. Chad co-authored ASHRAE 1118-TRP as part of his graduate studies at the University of Alabama, where he earned his MS in Mechanical Engineering. At GRTI, Chad has dedicated his focus to data analysis and loopfield design, continuously refining and improving these processes with new insights and unparalleled skill. Chad is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina.

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Monte Casper

An IGSHPA-certified installer, Monte is our resident FTC Equipment Specialist with over a decade of experience building and maintaining FTC testing equipment at GRTI. Monte is likely the most experienced person in FTC testing in the U.S., and can handle conditions from mud pits to noise-sensitive urban locations. He knows the testing equipment and procedures inside and out, ensuring you get the most efficient and precise readings possible.

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