GRTI Grout Thermal Conductivity Testing

Test Early.
 Test Often.

The grout you use might be different than the grout you specified. Recently developed grout mixtures can be sensitive to imprecise material measurements and off-spec grouting components, which can negatively affect your grout's thermal performance. These negative effects are magnified in large projects with multiple boreholes. Use GRTI's independent, 3rd-party grout testing services to make sure the grout you use measures up to your specifications.

Most successful commercial installations test their grout at regular intervals throughout the project. Engineers, building owners, and contractors can use GRTI grout test reports to:

  • Pre-qualify a mix recipe before the project starts
  • Verify the installed materials meet the thermal conductivity values specified
  • Detect and correct potential performance issues before it is too late
  • Establish field quality control for consistency throughout your entire installation
  • Avoid re-drills and additional bores

How It Works

  1. Request sample kits for each bore you will need to test.
  2. We send empty grout sample collection containers.
  3. You fill and return them.
  4. We perform a battery of tests, analyze the results, and provide a one-page report.