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Grout Testing | Overview

Thermal conductivity testing is a significant part of GRTI's daily business routine. Taking our commitment one step further by offering grout thermal conductivity testing only makes sense and supports our other core efforts.

GRTI can accurately measure the thermal conductivity on either a bentonite-based or a cement-based grouting material. Measuring the thermal conductivity of the actual grouting material from the field can provide the following:

  • Verification that the specified thermal conductivity values are being installed on the project.
  • Early detection of potential performance problems while a correction can still be incorporated.
  • A field quality control procedure to insure consistency throughout the installation.

GRTI will supply sample containers to any Mechanical Engineer and/or Installation Contractor for the purpose of collecting grout sample on the project site. Once a sample is collected, it will be forwarded to GRTI for further analysis. Upon it's arrival, GRTI will perform a series of tests to determine the thermal conductivity of the supplied sample.  At that point, GRTI will issue a single page analysis report stating the thermal conductivity of the supplied sample.