About GRTI


GRTI has conducted formation thermal conductivity testing worldwide and has accumulated well over 30,000 hours of collective data.  In the past 12 months, we have conducted over 200 separate tests.  We have worked directly and indirectly for both the public and private sectors.  We are proud of the fact that we have conducted tests and/or worked repeatedly for the majority of our clients.  GRTI has openly contributed raw data and first hand observations towards the development of industry (ASHRAE) recommended procedures.  GRTI constantly focuses on evaluating the process currently employed in the formation thermal conductivity test process and actively supports research that will lead to improvements and more accurate data collection.

GRTI has pioneered bore resistance testing to be able to quantify actual vertical bore capacities prior to system start-up.

GRTI has been directly involved with the ground-loop design for residential, light commercial and large commercial systems.  On special occasions, we have provided a turn-key, total mechanical design.  However, our core interest is to provide assistance to the mechanical engineer of record by offering assistance with a complete ground-loop design.